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Jeff Balton |

Jeff Balton from Bicycle GuiderHello there! My name is Jeff. I only ride because I really love it. I used to mainly race, but now I’ve given that up to just teach riders how to become better at competing. You can read about me on the right side of the screen, scrolling down. I want everyone to find out that you really don’t have to spend a lot on bikes and even cheaper bikes can be great and true friends to you.

I’ve been ex-pro rider but enjoy cycling even more now 🙂

To keep this blog running, I monetize my site. It means I get small commision from Amazon which helps me to keep this blog.

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My aim is to help you to choose a bike. Feel free to read articles and if you’re having any questions, write me on hello (at) bicycle-guider (dot) com. Also I wait for your bicycling stories 🙂