Best Amazon Prime Cycling Deals

Amazon Prime Day is here! Over the next two days, this page will have all of the best Amazon Prime Day cycling deals you can find online. Therefore, we advise that you refresh it often, as we'll keep updating it with the best cycling deals we come across. Next year again!

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Amazon Prime Day Cycling Deals

Amazon Prime Day is here! Over the next two days, this page will have all of the best Amazon Prime Day cycling deals you can find online. Therefore, we advise that you refresh it often, as we’ll keep updating it with the best cycling deals we come across.

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Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity to get some discounted cycling deals. The only problem is that there are so many that it’s hard to spot the absolute best ones. That’s why we have created this page to save you from wandering the Amazon pages in vain and ending up frustrated. We’ll show you those secret deals that nobody else knows about!

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The only thing you need to make sure before we start is that you are an Amazon Prime member. These deals are only available to Prime members, so you will have to obtain a membership first. You can sign up for it by paying $119 per year or $12.99 per month. However, you could also sign up for a free 30-day trial and still be eligible for all the Amazon Prime Day cycling deals. It’s a win-win situation!

You can quickly sign up here and we’ll keep adding new deals while you’re wrapping that up!


Sixthreezero AroundTheBlock – Was $1,650, Now $1,155

The Sixthreezero Around the Block is one of the best electric cruiser bicycles you can get out there. It was cheap before the discount but now it’s a bargain. It’s available in 12 unique and attractive color combinations and with 24″ and 26″ wheels. There’s a version without the electric motor as well.


RoyalBaby Bikes & More – Up to 20% Off

Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity to get a bike for your kid and save money. The RoyalBaby bikes are pedal bikes with detachable training wheels, so they are a perfect tool for your child to learn how to ride a bicycle. There are several models available, in different colors and with different size of wheels, so they’re suitable for kids of all ages.

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Allen Sports bike racks – Up to 20% off

Who does not hate packing their bikes inside the trunk? It’s a great way to get frustrated and scrape the paint on your precious two-wheeler. However, it’s the worst way to transport a bicycle. The best way to get the job done is with an Alles Sports trunk mount rack. There are several discounted models which can carry between 1 and 4 bikes.

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Sixthreezero bikes for men & women – Save 20%

If you were thinking about purchasing a Sixthreezero bike, now is the best time. If you were not, you should reconsider it — they look great and ride even better! Luckily, they come with a 20% discount on Amazon Prime Day, so they’re an even better deal than usual. Both men’s and women’s models are discounted, so make sure you check them out.

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Kryptonite locks – Chain, Folding & U-locks

What’s the point of spending a ton of money on a nice-looking bike if it gets stolen? You can make sure that does not happen with a Kryptonite lock and save money at the same time. Kryptonite has some of the best-reviewed locks online which are likely to ruin the plans of any thief out there.

It fits great with the Thousand helmet which has a place to lock it with your bike.

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Redline BMXs & Raleigh bikes – Up To 15% Off

Redline Bikes Rival 20 Youth Freestyle BMX, Green

Redline BMXs and Raleigh bikes are offering up to 15% off on some of their models this Amazon Prime Day. Redline and Raleigh both make fantastic bikes so make sure you check them out while they are this cheap. You can use the opportunity to get your kid a BMX and a hybrid for yourself or add both to your collection.

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Socks –  6 Pack

Heatuff Womens Low Cut Ankle Athletic Socks Cushioned Running No Show Breathable Tab Sock 6 Pack (White + Grey 3, White + Blue 3)

Many think that only cycling elitists care about the type of socks you wear when riding a bike, but they are actually very important. A high-quality pair of socks will make your ride more comfortable and help your feet breathe and stay dry through the effort. This six-pack provides you with one pair for every ride of the week (you should rest one day as well!).

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Garmin wearables – Up to 50% off

Garmin vívoactive 3, GPS Smartwatch with Contactless Payments and Built-in Sports Apps,Black/Silver

Amazon Prime Day has made every cyclist’s dream into a reality — Garmin wearables are 50% off! Now you can finally afford that awesome Garmin GPS watch that you’ve been wanting for months. It’s a great investment because there’s no better way to structure your training, track your efforts, and work on your strength and endurance.

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Torege Polarized sports sunglasses – 26.98 (Save $5.40)

The one thing needed to give you that mean cycling look is a nice pair of sports sunglasses. However, what’s more important is that they have a useful design and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. These Torege polarized sports glasses pack all of that in a good-looking package and come at a great price as well.

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Bosu Pro Balance trainer – $132 (12% off)

Riding often and riding hard is important if you want to become a better cyclist. However, what’s even more important is to make sure not to neglect your strength, stability, and core training if you want to avoid cycling injuries. The Bosu Pro Balance Trainer is a great tool to help you achieve that at your home, without getting a gym membership.

CoolYeah Garage hooks

As we all know, you can never get too many bikes. However, your wife/husband or other family members will surely disagree when they end up having to jump over bikes to get from one room to another. The CoolYeah garage hooks are great for hanging both your bikes and your rims on the walls and freeing up room on the floor (maybe for some new bikes?).

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Bottom Line

Cycling can be a pricey hobby, I think all of us can agree on that. But it does not need to be that way if you purchase your bikes, gear, and tools when they are discounted. You can save up to 50% on certain items if you wait for the right moment.

Amazon Prime Day is one of the rare days in the year when hundreds of cycling-related products are heavily discounted and waiting to become a part of someone’s cycling setup.

Refresh this page regularly during the following two days, as we’ll keep adding new and more awesome deals as soon as they appear.

Happy shopping!

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