Review of QuietKat Bikes

[caption id="attachment_14020" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Pictures from[/caption] QuietKat builds high-powered electric bikes for outdoorsmen who love hunting, fishing, camping and exploring deep into the wild. Real adventurers finally get e-bikes that can follow along.

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Review of Quietkat electric bikes
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QuietKat builds high-powered electric bikes for outdoorsmen who love hunting, fishing, camping and exploring deep into the wild. Real adventurers finally get e-bikes that can follow along.

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Did you know that the average speed at which humans walk is around 2-3 mph? If you’re carrying a backpack with 20-30 lbs of gear, you’re going to walk even slower.

Getting really far out and exploring at those speeds is simply not practical. Riding a regular bike is better, but you need to be in good shape.

QuietKat e-bikes are one possible alternative.

These are powerful vehicles with quality components and 750W+ mid-drive motors that are specially designed to endure the harsh conditions of proper off-road riding.

These are not your standard e-bikes for casual commuting. Rather, QuietKat bikes look like they came straight out of a Mad Max movie, ready to navigate the post-apocalypse world.

Let’s take a closer look at the beasts, shall we?


History of QuietKat Bikes

QuietKat logoChances are you’re not entirely familiar with this Colorado-based e-bike manufacturer, so here’s some quick background info.

QuietKat was founded by Jake Roach in 2014. He is an outdoors enthusiast who was looking for ways to travel farther, explore more, and use his free time more efficiently.

Jake decided to turn his passion into work by starting a company that designs overlanding vehicles for extreme conditions. After some experimentation, QuietKat designed its first e-bike in 2016, which proved to be a huge success among outdoors lovers.

Today, QuietKat has a diverse lineup of around 10 e-bikes, including fat bikes, MTBs, adventure bikes, and even a folding model. The company even partners with Jeep to make the most capable and extreme model in the offering.


QuietKat Models

QuietKat makes some of the toughest e-bikes on the planet, able to conquer any terrain. They feature at least 750W of power, hardtail or full-suspension design, and massive tires up to 4.8″ wide.

At the moment, the company offers around ten models and lets you test-ride them for 14 days free of charge and any commitment. If you can’t make up your mind which one to get, this is an excellent way to solve the riddle.

QuietKat bikes come with pedal-assist and throttle modes, as well as with a lifetime warranty on the frames.

Here’s a quick run-down of what you can expect from each individual QuietKat model.


Jeep E-Bike

quietkat jeep


  • Full-suspension fat-tire e-bike
  • 750W/1000W Motor w/ 14.5AH/48V Battery
  • 300 lb. load capacity


The Jeep e-bike is the result of a partnership between QuietKat and Jeep, the most famous off-road brand in the world. This is a seriously capable machine for extreme conditions, powered by either a 750W or 1000W mid-drive motor.

The QuietKat bike rolls on massive 26″ × 4.8″ fat tires, has front and rear suspension, and a wide range of accessories that you can customize it with. With a range of up to 60 miles, you can go seriously far beyond the beaten path.



Quietkat Ranger


  • Hardtail fat-tire adventure e-bike
  • 750W/1000W Motor w/ 11.6ah/48V Battery
  • 26” × 4.5” Tires


QuietKat Ranger is an adventure e-bike that’s thirsty for mountains, forests, and challenges in hostile territories. It’s equipped with 750W or 1000W motors and a 556Wh battery that delivers almost 50 miles of range.

The Ranger rolls on Kenda Juggernaut 26” × 4.5” tires and can carry a whopping 325 lbs. of cargo. You may equip it with one of the three available accessory kits to make it capable of even more.

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  • Fat-tire cargo e-bike
  • 750W Motor w/ 14.5ah/48V Battery
  • Kenda 26″ × 3” Plus Tires


When you decide to climb Mount Everest, you hire Sherpas to carry your gear. The QuietKat Sherpa is built for the same mission—to carry all the gear you need through extreme, inaccessible terrain.

This bike has a long wheelbase, a huge integrated rear rack, 3″ tires, front suspension, and a 750W motor. It packs a range of up to almost 60 miles and has a load capacity of 325 lbs.



QuietKat Apex e-bike

  • Fat-tire electric bike
  • 750W/1000W/1500W Motors w/ 17.5ah/52V or 14.5ah/48V Battery
  • Kenda Juggernaut 26” x 4.5” Tires


Apex is one of the most advanced and most expensive e-bikes QuietKat makes. This is a hardtail fat-tire bike with 150mm of air suspension, beefy tires, an integrated rear rack, and hydraulic disc brakes.

You can get it with a 1500W motor and a massive 910Wh battery, which is the best QuietKat offers. As a result, you can climb any hill you come across and reach the most rugged and extreme off-road terrains.

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QuietKat RidgeRunner e-bike

  • Full-suspension Electric MTB
  • 1000W Motor w/ 16ah/48V Battery
  • 26” x 4.8” Tires


If you want to conquer the hardest terrain, you need the hardest e-bike there is, which is the RidgeRunner. This is a full-suspension e-MTB with beast-mode capabilities thanks to full suspension, 1000W motor, and humongous 4.8″ tires.

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According to QuietKat, RidgeRunner can easily achieve up to 30 mph and accelerate even up extremely steep hills. When you need to go far and carve your own path, this is the bike to bring along.



QuietKat Warrior


  • Hardtail fat-tire e-bike
  • 750W/1000W Motor w/ 11.6ah/48V Battery
  • Adjustable dropouts


QuietKat Warrior is a bike that does not negotiate with rough terrains and obstacles. Instead, it conquers them with its 4.5″ tires, powerful motor, and air suspension fork.

The Warrior features QuietKat’s adjustable dropouts that let you alter the wheelbase or run a single-speed drivetrain. Carry up to 325 lbs. on the integrated rear rack and travel up to 50 miles on one charge.



QuietKat Voyager e-bike

  • Foldable fat-tire electric bike
  • 750W motor w/ 11.6ah/48V Battery
  • 20” x 4” Tires


A voyage is an adventure. Whether you plan to commute through the urban jungle, haul groceries, or explore unchartered territories, the Voyage e-bike will prove to be a good choice.

It’s built around a foldable frame and rolls on small but wide 20″ x 4″ tires. Therefore, you can easily carry it in your car or SUV. It’s the ultimate portable e-bike for rugged terrain.


Ripper Kids

ripper kids


  • Kids’ Fat-Tire E-Bike
  • 500W Motor w/ 10.4ah/48V Battery
  • Kenda Juggernaut 20” x 4” Tires


The Ripper is designed for kids who know they will grow up to become brave adventurers. This is a fat-tire kids’ bike for riders under 5’6″ tall. It features a powerful 500W motor and off-road-ready 4″ tires.

The Ripper has an easy-to-use and simple-to-maintain single-speed drivetrain, coupled with capable mechanical disc brakes and a suspension fork. Therefore, it includes everything your child needs to follow you in exploring the great outdoors.


Villager Urban

QuietKat Villager Urban e-bike

  • Urban Cruiser E-Bike
  • 500W Motor w/ 11.6ah/48V Battery
  • 26 × 3” Tires


The QuietKat Villager is the bike you need to efficiently navigate the urban jungle. This is an urban cruiser with capable and comfortable 3″ tires, front suspension, and a powerful 500W motor.

As a class 2 e-bike, it features pedal-assist and throttle modes, so you can fine-tune the motor assistance and extend the range. The Villager also includes a rear rack, lights, a kickstand, and fenders, so it’s ready for all types of commutes.

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Accessories & Gear

QuietKat bikes are made to endure the harshest of riding conditions. However, if you want to take their functionality to the next level, you can equip them with a large number of diverse accessories and make your QuickKat bike truly your own.

In addition to building bikes, QuietKat also manufactures bike accessories and gear. The long list of items includes racks, bags, panniers, trailers, lights, tool kits, and more.

Most QuietKat bikes don’t come with many stock accessories, so this is a good way to make them more practical.


QuietKat Size Chart

QuietKat e-bikes are typically available in two or three frame sizes. However, the exceptions to this pattern are the Voyager, Ripper Kids’, Villager, and Sherpa models which come in one frame size only.

As the frame sizes differ for each model, QuietKat has a simple size chart that will help you decide which one to get:

  • Smallest – 5’6″ and under
  • Medium – 5’6″ to 6’0″
  • Large – 6’0″ and over


Therefore, depending on which frame sizes are available, you can easily decide whether the particular model will fit you or not. Alternatively, you can contact QuietKat’s support for assistance, as they are quite responsive and helpful.


Should You Get On a QuietKat?

quietkat ebikes review

QuietKat makes niche electric bikes that fit the needs of a certain group of people instead of the general public.

If you spend your free time hunting, fishing, camping, or exploring untrodden territories, one of these fat-tire e-bikes will definitely make you happy.

QuietKat bikes have some of the strongest motors around, the biggest batteries, and the most capable components.

They handle abuse extremely well and thrive on forest roads, singletracks, and rock gardens.

To sum, these are fun, fast, and exciting bikes ideal for riders who share the same traits.

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