Review of Salsa Warroad

Positioned as an endurance road offering that also performs when the road disappears, the Salsa Warroad range is a great example of brands widening their horizons to current riding trends. Without attaching the ‘gravel’ tag directly to the bike, and sticking with ‘80% road, 20% whatever’, Salsa has effectively kept customers open to a bike that sounds […]

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Road Bikes vs. Mountain Bikes – The Main Differences

Road bikes and mountain bikes are two of the most popular bike styles in the world. Gravel bikes aren’t far behind, which isn’t surprising because it’s basically a combination between a road bike and a mountain bike. Designed for smooth road riding, road bikes are the style that we see in professional cycling, racing up […]

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Best Electric Road Bikes

Electric Road Bikes

These best electric road bikes will help you overcome your limitations, ride farther, faster, and stay with the pack on Sunday group rides. Electric road bikes are rising in popularity because they open up the sport to people who don’t find suffering particularly fun. If you need a helping hand on steep climbs but don’t […]

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Raleigh Stuntman Review

Raleigh Stuntman Review

This model has been discontinued. See our list of bike reviews to find more reviews.   Remember the first time touring you realized your GPS didn’t distinguish between paved and gravel roads? Were you as unprepared as I was on a 15c road rim? Ahead, chunky railroad gravel. Behind, smooth shopping cart pavement. What did […]

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